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Roll Off Truck Sales

Roll off trucks are heavy lifters, ideal for moving materials to and away from job sites. In one work day, roll off trucks can haul multiple loads containing tons of waste, scrap, metal, dirt, sawdust, equipment and more. Check our the latest inventory here.

These trucks also make it easy to attend to multiple jobs as drivers gather and leave containers in different locations throughout the day. They are an excellent option for efficiently moving items from place to place, whether that’s down the street or across state lines. If you want to increase business productivity and organization, a roll off truck may be the perfect solution.


Frequently Asked Questions About Roll Off Trucks

What is a roll off truck?

A roll off truck, sometimes called a tilt frame, is a vehicular tool used on different types of job sites, usually for hauling materials in open-top roll off containers. Roll off trucks are built to roll and tilt these containers to get them on and off the truck frame. These trucks come in different sizes, each engineered to fit specific container types depending on your application. 

Roll off trucks are commonly found on construction sites and in manufacturing plants where they are used for hauling away scrap materials like trash, steel and shingles. However, their use isn’t  limited to one industry. Landscapers use roll off containers for hauling dirt, brush and other items. Even horse stables use roll off trucks to transport sawdust and hay. 

On many job sites, businesses are obligated to have refuse containers. With containers readily available, trash and debris end up contained in waste disposal sites rather than on the ground or blowing through the surrounding area. Roll off trucks are used to haul these containers from place to place.

Note that hook lift trucks also fall under the umbrella of roll off trucks. Hook lift trucks are like roll off trucks in that they allow for different applications, but they work using fitted hydraulic hook lift systems. 


How do roll off trucks work?

Roll off trucks work through a series of wheels working with a tilt frame that make it simple to roll the container in place on and off the back of the truck. A hoist will tilt the container downward to roll right off the back of the truck, or upward to maneuver it back onto the truck bed.

You can see an example of a roll off truck in action in this video where our staff demonstrates the proper way to operate a Stinger Tail Roll Off Truck.


How much weight can a roll off truck carry?

The amount of weight a roll off truck can carry depends on engineering design of the truck and container as well as legal limits within state lines. At Premier, our roll off trucks offer 75,000 lbs. of lifting capacity, which generally allows for hauling up to 19-20 tons.

Roll Off Trucks For Sale

Our Premier Ready fleet offers a true, new roll off truck alternative that’s ready to work. Our roll off trucks arrive at your location serviced, detailed and disinfected with campaign and warranty issues all addressed. FET is already paid and the truck is expertly spec’d and maintained.

Why choose Premier Truck for your next roll off truck?

  • Factory trained technicians: Our technicians and fabricators are factory trained, highly skilled professionals with expertise in truck maintenance and installation. We do 100% of our installs in-house.
  • Wide selection: We offer hundreds of different roll off truck options in one location
  • One-roof operation: We control our own supply chain, from fabrication to freight and delivery. Everything is under one roof, making us an ideal one-stop-shop for your roll off truck needs. Because we are a one-stop-shop, we are also able to offer a wide variety of financing options and nationwide delivery.
  • Experience: We have bought and sold over 2,000 roll offs and counting. Our staff has decades of experience in finding the right fit for your business needs.

What we stock are reliable, dependable trucks selected for their longevity, low maintenance and minimized downtime. We have high standards for keeping costs low over time by providing high-quality buying options up front. Simply put, our tools are the best because they are built the best.

What are the specifications of our roll off trucks?

Some key specifications on any roll off truck include length, axle type and special configurations or add-on systems. Premier offers the following:

  • Length: The length of a roll off truck is usually between 22 and 24 feet, but the exact amount varies depending on the length of the hoist and the length of the container.
  • Axles: The type of axle you need depends on your application and load. At Premier, we offer tandem, tri and quad axle roll off trucks. The front axle (FA) and rear axle (RA) weights on our roll off trucks are available in 18/46 (18,000 lb front axle/46,000 lb rear axle) and 20/46 (20,000 lb front axle/46,000 lb rear axle) configurations.
  • Add-on systems: Our roll off trucks include a tarping system which makes it much easier to tarp a load on the job, increasing your efficiency. View an example of our tarping system here.

What brand of roll off truck is best?

We specialize in several specific brands of roll off trucks, including Kenworth, Mack and Peterbilt. All our truck listings in our product listings are advertised with price to reflect our commitment to transparency and honesty. 

Kenworth Roll Off Trucks

We primarily sell Kenworth 880 models, but offer a variety in our product catalog. Our Kenworth models were all built within the past two years and are continually updated.

Kenworth roll off trucks are strong and dependable, consistently delivering the stamina you need to finish the job. They are also designed for efficiency, offering lower operating costs.

At Premier, we offer Cummins X15 engines in our Kenworth roll off trucks. Cummins X15 is built on technologies proven in customer applications, making it durable and powerful. It delivers an exceptional throttle response and clean, reliable operation.

Kenworth roll off trucks also come with Chalmers suspension, which is designed to offer full traction, allowing wheels to follow ground contour. It performs under brutal conditions while consistently providing a soft ride. Overall, Chalmers offers outstanding load capacity and uninhibited articulation. 

Peterbilt Roll Off Trucks For Sale

Peterbilt roll off trucks are the workhorse tool you need for strong performance on the job. They aren’t just reliable, rugged vehicles, they’re also extremely safe, with an ergonomic cab design for maximum protection. 

From an economic standpoint, Peterbilt roll off trucks are also extremely efficient. They offer a low cost of operation, but are also customizable. These vehicles can be adapted as needed to meet your business requirements.

Like the Kenworth trucks above, Peterbilt trucks come with a Cummins X15 engine, which offers durable, powerful operation that remains clean and reliable while delivering an exceptional throttle response.

Again, like Kenworth, Peterbilt roll off trucks are available with Chalmers suspension, which offers outstanding load capacity and high performance with a consistently soft ride.

However, Peterbilt roll off trucks can also use Air Trac suspension, which is a lighter option designed for increased driver comfort and confidence in handling. Through less vibration and cornering efficiency, Air Trac is a great option for new drivers. This system also offers increased load versatility. 

Mack Roll Off Trucks For Sale 

Mack roll off trucks are tried and true, proven time and time again to be powerful enough to haul anything you need. They’re known for being brawny, rugged and reliable, able to handle demanding applications even with time. Truck buyers in need of a durable option should keep Mack roll off trucks on their list of options. 

Mack trucks come with Mack MP8 engines, which provide the truck’s trademark power. A Mack MP8 offers increased uptime and consistent propulsion and torque. These engines come with fuel economy, complying with the newest and strictest emissions standards, but deliver on the muscle needed to transport heavy loads.

In terms of suspension options, Mack roll off trucks use Camelback, a similarly tried-and-true option that offers the industry standard in durability. Camelback is known to handle the demands of severe-duty trucking while offering increased stability. 


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Our team will help select the right truck for you from our inventory on hand containing over 70 different units. New Kenworth, Mack and Peterbilt roll off trucks are available for sale equipped with 22' or 24' American, Galfab, Galbreath or Palfinger hoists.  


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