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Residential Front End Loaders 

Mack LR64R residential front loader garbage truck front left

What are residential front loaders? 

Residential front end loaders are garbage trucks that combine the arm technology of a side loader with the efficiency and might of a front loader. They pick up residential trash in standard sized totes. An arm on the container extends to pick up each tote, dump it into the front container, which is then raised and dumped into the hopper behind the truck cab. The cab in a residential front end loader has two steering wheels, but only one driver is required to operate. 

Residential front loaders are also called “RESIs,” trash grabbers or automated garbage trucks. Some companies have been using them for years while others are just catching on to this super efficient residential waste management tool.   

Mack LR64R residential front loader garbage truck left side

Why should I use a residential front loader? 

Residential front end loaders have been steadily growing in popularity over the years, but they really found their footing following the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. As employees wanted to protect their workers from handling waste, they began searching for automated, touchless pickup options.  

There are several benefits to using an automated front loader, including: 

  • Decreased need for manual labor: Residential waste has been picked up for many years using a rear loader, which takes a minimum of two people to operate. In a labor shortage or economic downturn, companies with automated front loaders don’t need to worry about hiring more than one person per route. The automated arm is there every day ready to work! 

  • Increased safety: With an automated front loader, everything, including the arm and can, is right out in front of the driver’s line of vision. Drivers can see what’s going into the truck and be alerted of immediate issues, unlike with a rear or side loader.  

  • Less strain on workers: Workers are not required to physically load totes or trash into automated front end loaders and most of the work is done with robotic arms. This means fewer injuries and off-job time for overburdened employees.  

  • Bulk pickup: Anything that can fit into the front container can fit into the truck. Some municipalities may prefer touchless pickup while others may offer to pick up furniture or old mattresses that cannot fit into a tote. If workers are able lift them into the container, the truck will take care of the rest.  

  • Efficiency: Their efficiency comes from the speed at each stop since the arm does not have to dump in the body at each house - it instead can dump several totes into the Curotto-Can; once the Curotto-Can is full, it then dumps into the body. 

Mack LR64R residential front loader garbage truck left side

Residential Front End Loaders For Sale 

Premier has the largest in-stock selection of automated front end loaders available now. Our Premier Ready automated front loaders are lightly-used, expertly spec’d and detailed to the highest standards. Campaign and warranty issues are already addressed and FET is paid.  

Choose Premier Truck Sales & Rental for your next automated front end loader truck and receive: 

  • New fleet in stock: With later models and new trucks in stock, your cost of repairs is lower for longer. 

  • Premium specs: With premium specs, our trucks outlast the competition, making a Premier vehicle an ideal investment for your long-term business goals. 

  • Lifetime service support: At Premier, you’re a customer for life. Our service department provides support after the sale for as long as you own the vehicle.  

  • Factory warranty: All trucks come with the balance of a 5-year extended factory warranty with any and all potential issues addressed before use.  

Our job is to give you quality equipment, meaning our trucks are built as bulletproof as possible. 

All our trucks are built premium, built to last and ready to work.  

What are the best residential front end loaders? 

Residential front end loaders are made up of a truck body, chassis and front container system. The most well-known front container system is Curotto-Can. In fact, residential front end loaders are sometimes called “Curottos” because the Curotto system is so common.  

At Premier, we carry Heil Half/Pack bodies, Curotto-Can containers and Mack or Autocar chassis. All our truck listings are advertised with price to reflect our commitment to transparency and honesty.  

Heil Residential Front End Loaders 

The Heil Half/Pack Automated Residential Front Load Garbage Truck provides high productivity and low maintenance. It is designed with efficiency in mind, and can handle even the toughest residential routes.  

Its Half/Pack smart design makes it a standout model, easy to service, easier to drive and guaranteed to last longer with less maintenance along the way. Features include: 

  • An exceptionally solid subframe 

  • Double-walled hopper 

  • Zinc-plated hydraulic tubes 

  • Hydraulic tube covers 

  • Tailgate locks 

  • State-of-the-art sensor technology 

  • Illuminated push-button controls 

The Curotto Can System 

Adding a Curotto-Can® makes a regular Heil front end loader into a residential waste management dream, ready to cruise the neighborhood. To complement Heil’s low maintenance and high durability, Curotto-Can systems are built with several key features: 

  • Load-sense piston pumps 

  • In-cylinder position sensors  

  • High-tech in-truck control system 

Curotto-Can is the number one most efficient option on the market for automated residential trash pickup. It makes an excellent addition to the Heil truck body. 

residential front loader garbage truck front left view

Mack residential front loader garbage trucks 

Mack is a classic truck brand known for its strength, durability and power. A Mack MP7 engine combined with Camelback suspension create a truck synonymous with consistent uptime.  Their muscle makes Mack trucks a great choice for long haul residential routes. Click here to browse our available Mack automated front loader garbage trucks. 

Autocar residential front loader garbage trucks 

Like Mack, Autocar is known for manufacturing high-power trucks with proven strength. But Autocar also focuses on drive comfort, providing larger cabs with more space to sit and get in and out of the vehicle. Because residential front loaders naturally require fewer trips to the landfill, drivers are set to remain comfortable and supported all day on even the longest residential routes. Click here to browse our available Autocar automated front loader garbage trucks. 


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Whether you’re looking for a front loaderroll offrear loader, or side loader, our team specializes in helping you find the right truck for your needs. We work with you every step of the way, offering a variety of financing options, nationwide delivery and post-purchase service.  


A wide selection of residential front loaders is available now. Click here to browse our inventory of READY TO WORK residential front loaders. 


Mack LR Residential Front Loader Part 1 - Intro
Mack LR Residential Front Loader Part 2 - Cab & Chassis
Mack LR Residential Front Loader Part 3 - Interior
Mack LR Residential Front Loader Part 4 - Engine
Mack LR Residential Front Loader Part 5 - Transmission
Mack LR Residential Front Loader Part 6 - Driveline
Mack LR Residential Front Loader Part 7 - Refuse Body

Autocar ACX64 Residential Front Loader Part 1 - Chassis
Autocar ACX64 Residential Front Loader Part 2 - Cab
Autocar ACX64 Residential Front Loader Part 3 - Interior
Autocar ACX64 Residential Front Loader Part 4 - Engine/Transmission
​​​​​​​Autocar ACX64 Residential Front Loader Part 5 - Wheels/Suspension
​​​​​​​Autocar ACX64 Residential Front Loader Part 6 - Refuse Body & Curotto Can


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