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What Are Hooklift Trucks?

Hooklift trucks, sometimes called hook trucks, roll-off hoists, or hooklift systems, are vehicles designed to lift and transport various containers and other bodies through, as the name suggests, the use of a hooklift hoist. Once lifted onto the truck bed, hooklift trucks lock containers securely in place, ensuring safe transport. With their versatile hydraulic capabilities, hooklift trucks enable operators to exchange the type of container being transported with ease, which can significantly cut operating costs. Premier hooklift bodies have a lifting capacity of up to 50,000 lbs.

Additionally, because of their precise container placement and best-in-class maneuverability, hooklift trucks find use in a variety of applications; for municipalities, hooklift trucks can be used for fire & rescue, parks & recreation, road maintenance, and utility construction. When it comes to waste & scrap, hooklifts can handle collection and disposal, paper and metal recycling, and the transportation of both solid and liquid wastes. Beyond these applications, hooklift trucks are also used in construction, forestry, and demolition.

What Are The Benefits Of a Hooklift Truck?

Hooklift trucks have numerous benefits that make them extremely attractive to contractors and municipalities. Because of their ability to transport different kinds of trailers and containers, hooklift trucks have the potential to reduce overall costs by reducing the number of vehicles in a fleet. On top of that, hooklift trucks only require one driver, which can help to cut down on labor costs as well.  Thanks to the flexibility of their hoist system, hooklifts can raise and lower containers with absolute precision, enabling them to more effectively fit into smaller spaces. Additionally, hooklift containers can quickly and easily be swapped out, making them the perfect truck to take on a variety of jobs.

When it comes to safety, hooklift trucks are unmatched. Unlike a roll off truck where the driver must physically leave the vehicle to latch the cable onto the container, hooklift operators can safely execute a pick-up or drop-off without ever having to leave the cab of the vehicle, reducing the potential for a serious accident. Additionally, the lack of cables on hooklift trucks provides another benefit in the form of reduced maintenance costs.

Despite their advantages, hooklift trucks do have some drawbacks. While ground-level loading is ultimately easier, rough terrain and adverse weather conditions can cause the hoist to lay unevenly, resulting in inadequate loading. Additionally, stability can also potentially be compromised when loading and unloading at an angle. 

The Different Types of Hooklift Bodies

One of the key advantages of a hooklift truck is the interchangeability of the different types of containers and bodies it can transport. As a result, there are a myriad of different container options available, and you’ll want to carefully consider which option is best for your specific application. Below are just a few of the many different types of container bodies that hooklifts can haul:

  • Roll off containers

  • Chipper bodies

  • Recycling containers

  • Liquid tankers

  • Flatbeds

  • Storage containers 

Since containers can be changed quickly, operators can transition between multiple job types with ease - simply hoist the specific container for your application, and a hooklift truck will have you on your way in no time.  

Palfinger Hooklift Trucks

At Premier, we are proud to offer a wide inventory of Palfinger hooklift trucks. Through dedication to innovation, Palfinger has developed the safest and most reliable trucks that offer excellent performance on the job. Palfinger hooklifts are proudly made in the USA and offer a low pressure operating system with dual lift cylinders that can accommodate auxiliary hydraulic equipment. Their simple design for easy operation can help lower maintenance costs, and their slide-through container locks, with patented locking system, ensure your container gets to its destination safely. Here some of the additional benefits of Palfinger hooklifts:

  • Longevity - Casted hooks, pivots, and supports provide strength and durability

  • Cab controls - Two speeds to reduce cycle time

  • Soft stop - Load impact is mitigated with hydraulic braking system

  • Slide through container catch - Mechanical, zero-maintenance, hold down system

  • Tandem rear rollers - Rollers pivot to facilitate easier loading, reducing container stress 

All of our truck listings are advertised with their price to reflect our commitment to transparency and honesty.  

New & Used Hooklift Trucks For Sale

Premier has the largest in-stock selection of heavy-duty hooklift trucks available now. Our Premier Ready hooklift trucks are lightly-used, expertly spec’d and detailed to the highest standards. Campaign and warranty issues are already addressed and FET is paid. Choose Premier Truck Sales & Rental for your next hooklift truck and receive: 

  • New hooklift fleet in stock: With later models and new trucks in stock, your cost of repairs is lower for longer. 

  • Premium specs: With premium specs, our trucks outlast the competition, making a Premier vehicle an ideal investment for your long-term business goals. 

  • Lifetime service support: At Premier, you’re a customer for life. Our service department provides support after the sale for as long as you own the vehicle.  

  • Factory warranty: All of our hooklift trucks come with the balance of a 5-year extended factory warranty with any and all potential issues addressed before use.  

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