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Rear Loader Garbage Truck Sales

Rear loading garbage trucks, or rear loaders, are the true workhorses of the waste management world. They prove effective in both residential and commercial settings, whether you’re operating across vast country roads or within large, densely-populated cities. 

The design of rear loaders has not changed much since its introduction in the 1920s. Though compactor designs vary, all rear loaders utilize a rear opening, or hopper, where trash is placed prior to compacting. Rear loaders are reliable and utilitarian, lacking unnecessary bells and whistles but nonetheless enduring the rigors of trash collection and standing the test of time.

Frequently Asked Questions About Rear Loader Garbage Trucks

What is a rear loader garbage truck?

A rear loader garbage truck is a waste collection vehicle designed to load refuse into the rear of the truck. It can be used for both residential and commercial trash collection, making it a highly versatile option in terms of trash compaction units.

How does a rear loader work?

First, waste management employees empty containers of trash or place garbage directly in the rear compartment of the truck. Then, once the hopper is full enough, a blade will sweep the garbage into the body of the truck where it is compacted. 

You can see a Premier rear loading trash truck in action in this video: 

Advantages of rear loaders

Rear loading trash trucks are both simplistic and versatile, able to pick up the same refuse that can be picked up with a front loader garbage truck. They are the easiest to operate out of any garbage truck type.

Rear loaders also have few restrictions on the types of cans required for pick up. Unlike side loader garbage trucks, which do best with uniform trash cans, different sized cans, totes and other containers can be easily tipped into a rear loader.

Their simple design means rear loaders have some of the lowest repair and maintenance costs of any garbage truck type. In fact, it can be argued that rear loaders are the most cost-effective compaction unit available, offering the biggest bang for your buck.

Items to consider when purchasing rear loading garbage trucks 

If you’re searching for a simple, no-frills solution to waste management, you don’t need to look much further than a rear loader. However, even with so many advantages, there are some factors you must consider when selecting your fleet.

First, rear loaders require more than one person to operate the vehicle, and they tend to run a bit slower than other machines, meaning routes can take a little longer to finish. Second, rear loaders are not touchless machines, meaning employees will have to handle trash cans, requiring strength enough to lift and tip cans so trash can be dumped into the hopper. 

Is a CDL needed to operate a rear loader?

Yes! While it is true rear loaders are easier to use than other options on the market, the law requires operators possess a Commercial Driver’s License (CDL). 

Rear loader garbage trucks for sale

Our Premier Ready fleet of rear loaders is comprised of lightly-used, expertly spec’d and maintained new truck alternatives, detailed to the highest standards. Campaign and warranty issues are already addressed and FET is paid. These trucks are ready to work!

Why choose Premier Truck Sales & Rental for your next rear loader?

  • New fleet in stock: With rear loaders, the cost of maintenance increases over time. With later models and new trucks in stock, your cost of repairs is lower for longer. 
  • Factory warranty: All trucks come with a factory warranty with any and all potential issues addressed before use. 
  • Lifetime service support: At Premier, you’re a customer for life. Our service department provides support after the sale for as long as you own the vehicle. 
  • Premium specs: With premium specs, our trucks outlast the competition, making a Premier vehicle an ideal investment for your long-term business goals.

Best rear loader brands

At Premier, we only stock the industry’s most respected, most reliable brands. Choose either Freightliner or Peterbilt trucks paired with Heil or McNeilus bodies for a premium combo.

Freightliner rear loader garbage trucks for sale

Practical and reliable, Freightliner trucks are also built for versatility. The truck of choice for a variety of industrial professionals, Freightliner trucks are tough and efficient. Construction from high-quality, durable materials means they’re a great choice for demanding applications like waste collection.

With a sloped hood, low profile dash and 2,500 square inch windshield, Freightliner rear loader garbage trucks provide best-in-class visibility, making them among the safest trucks on the road. Additional features include optimized fuel efficiency and build quality resulting in maximized uptime. Click here to shop Freightliner rear loaders.

Peterbilt rear loader garbage trucks for sale

In the world of rear loaders, Peterbilt trucks are widely used, providing excellent return on investment in terms of reliability and durability. They can take on even the most demanding waste removal jobs for years to come. Features include:

  • Rock-solid dependability for big jobs
  • Ergonomic, aluminum cab for maximum comfort and protection as well as increased fuel efficiency
  • Easy-to-lift hood opens a full 90 degrees for better service point access
  • Increased side window visibility due to carefully designed side window beltlines
  • Adjusted dash sightlines for better forward visibility, ideal for drivers operating in urban environments or crowded worksites

Premier customers know the Peterbilt red oval logo means they’re entering into a great investment on a durable, heavy-duty machine. Click here to shop Peterbilt rear loaders.

Heil rear loader trucks 

Heil rear loader bodies provide features including high durability, reliability and versatility. In terms of special features, Heil bodies offer:

  • Fast cycle times 
  • Service side door for easy maintenance access
  • One-handed controls
  • Rust and corrosion resistant body sidewall

Heil machines are no-nonsense, designed for easy operation and maintenance while providing best-in-class service. Click here to shop Heil rear loaders.

McNeilus rear loader truck bodies

McNeilus rear loader bodies are go-to garbage truck options, providing extremely reliable and dependable service. They offer several key features and benefits, including:

  • Container tipper kick bar for commercial pickups
  • Cart tippers for residential pickups
  • Fewer lubrication points on truck tailgates
  • Self-lubricating slide shoes 

With high efficiency, durability and low maintenance, McNeilus rear loader bodies are a highly requested option among Premier customers. Click here to shop McNeilus rear loaders.

What rear loader body sizes does Premier offer?

We offer 25 cubic yard body sizes in both Heil and McNeilus brands.

Do Premier rear loaders work best in residential or commercial operations?

We purposefully spec our rear loaders with the most versatile specs available, making our rear loading trucks a truly universal, one-stop-shop option. 

Equipped with an overhead winch and dual cart tippers, our rear loaders are ideal for any operation, whether it be residential, commercial or a hybrid option including both. Select units are also fitted with Quik-tip for maximized safety. Our trucks work in small towns, big cities, gated communities and commercial enterprises, and we have sold thousands of trucks to a wide variety of audiences.

What is the axle configuration on Premier rear loaders?

Our available axle configurations vary, but the majority of trucks in our inventory boast an 18,000 lb. front axle and 46,000 lb. rear axle.

What is the lifespan of a Premier rear loader?

The lifespan of any truck depends on your application and use. If well maintained and driven carefully, rear loaders can last 20-25 years. 


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Whether you’re looking for a rear loader, roll off, front loader, or side loader, our team specializes in helping you find the right truck for your needs. We work with you every step of the way, offering a variety of financing options, nationwide delivery and post-purchase service. 

Our new Heil and McNeilus rear loaders are available now. Click here to browse our inventory of READY TO WORK rear loader garbage trucks.



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