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What is a Day Cab Tractor?

A day cab truck tractor, also commonly referred to as a day cab truck, tractor-trailer, conventional day cab, or simply a “day cab,” is a heavy-duty vehicle that lacks a sleeping quarter behind the operating cab. As a result, day cab tractors are lighter and more fuel-efficient than their sleeper counterparts. However, because day cab trucks lack sleeping quarters, they are only intended for day trips and aren’t an ideal solution for extended, overnight stays. 


Day cabs are designed to haul a trailer, hence the phrase “tractor-trailer,” and offer a hauling capacity strong enough to transport the heaviest of cargo and freight. Premier day cab trucks are available for sale in tandem and 4-axle models.  Understandably, models equipped with additional axles can haul a larger payload, but this benefit comes at the expense of a heavier chassis and an added purchase cost. Another benefit of a day cab is their back windows, which maximize visibility and make backing up and attaching a trailer significantly easier. Additionally, if your day cab has a 5th wheel hitch, then getting up and on the road is even easier. Because Premier's day cabs are spec'ed for vocational use, they also include wetline kits, otherwise known as hydraulic systems, to enable functionality in refuse trailers.There are a number of different companies that manufacture day cab trucks for sale, and Premier is proud to offer a wide selection of day cabs to suit your vocational needs. 


What Are Day Cab Trucks Used For?

Day cab trucks are the ideal solution for transporting goods over short-to-medium distances, or any distances short enough to be covered in a day or less. Although they have a smaller overall mass than cabs with sleeping areas, day cab tractors are still strong enough to transport even the heaviest cargo, usually up to 80,000lbs combined GVW for tractor and trailer. Despite their impressive hauling capacity, day cabs are much easier to operate in tight areas due to their size, making them the ideal vocational trucking solution to transport refuse through congested metropolitan areas. 


Our sales inventory of day cab tractors allows for the greater flexibility to operate multiple trailers with one hydraulic system. Some of the types of trailers that you can operate with a Premier day cab are:

  • Roll Off Trailers

  • Walking Floor Trailers

  • Lowboy Trailers

  • Landoll Trailers

  • End Dump Trailers

  • Carry-All Trailers

  • Side Dump Trailers (with integrated directional valves)


Because day cab tractors offer versatile hauling capabilities, they are an extremely valuable addition to any trucking fleet. If you need to move goods over a short distance that doesn’t require an overnight stay, then a conventional day cab is the best tractor for your operation.  

Day Cab Truck Buying Considerations


When purchasing a new day cab tractor for your business, there are a number of things that you will want to keep in mind, the first and foremost being the cost. This doesn’t only include the price of the truck itself, but also any insurance, maintenance, or ongoing upkeep costs you may encounter during the operating lifespan of your truck. While day cabs are significantly cheaper than sleeper cabs, you will still want to have a firm budget established before you begin the buying process to ensure that you’re getting the most bang for your buck. 


In addition to cost, it’s important to be aware of your state’s Department of Transportation (DOT) requirements, and if you operate in multiple states, you’ll want to be aware of those state’s DOT regulations as well. Not all day cabs may meet all applicable requirements, so do your research beforehand, so you can select the right tractor model for your specific operating situation. Beyond cost and regulatory considerations, you’ll also want to assess how much you’ll be transporting with your day cab on a regular basis. As different day cabs have varying gross volume weights, make sure the day cab trucks you’re considering are able to meet your hauling requirements. 

New & Used Day Cab Tractors For Sale

Premier has the largest in-stock selection of heavy-duty, vocational day cab trucks available now. Our Premier Ready day cabs are lightly-used, expertly spec’d and detailed to the highest standards. Campaign and warranty issues are already addressed and FET is paid. Choose Premier Truck Sales & Rental for your next day cab and receive: 

  • New day cab fleet in stock: With later models and new day cab trucks in stock, your cost of repairs is lower for longer. 

  • Premium specs: With premium specs, our day cab trucks outlast the competition, making a Premier vehicle an ideal investment for your long-term business goals. 

  • Lifetime service support: At Premier, you’re a customer for life. Our service department provides support after the sale for as long as you own the vehicle.  

  • Factory warranty: All of our day cab trucks come with the balance of a 5-year extended factory warranty with any and all potential issues addressed before use.  

Day cab trucks are high-performance vehicles that are ready to get the job done no matter how tough. Their smaller size leads to increased fuel efficiency and operating costs and allows them to dexterously navigate through congested cities. Their rear window allows for greater visibility and ease of operation, making the day cab an extremely valuable addition to your business. If you’re interested in purchasing a day cab truck today, then give Premier a call at 1-800-825-1255, or view our full inventory of day cab trucks online now. 

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