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Container Delivery Units 


What are container delivery units? 

Container Delivery Units (CDUs) are trucks specifically designed to transport large dumpsters or containers from place to place. They mostly deliver front loader containers, picking up each one by the same pockets front loading garbage trucks use when dumping waste into the truck body.   


CDUs are known by several other names including container delivery trucks, rotator trucks, container trucks, dumpster trucks, dumpster delivery trucks and dump containers. These heavy duty trucks aren’t purchased as often as other large vocational vehicles as the average company won’t use a CDU on a daily basis. They’re only called in when heavy trash containers need to be moved from place to place. The good news is the infrequent use means CDUs tend to last a long time in comparison to other trucks.  




Why do I need CDUs? 

When moving, removing or replacing dump containers, there's no tool more effective than the container delivery truck. For example, the dumpster behind your favorite restaurant or at your apartment complex was likely placed there by someone operating a CDU. If that restaurant changes dumpster companies, it’s the dumpster owner’s responsibility to pick up that container and transport it to its new location. Likewise, their new dumpster company will need to drop off a unit in its place.  


CDUs are also used when a container is damaged by fire, wind or other circumstance and needs to be replaced by a shiny, new dumpster. If the dumpster just needs to be repaired and not replaced, the CDU can also be dispatched to go to the location, pick up the container and rotate it to make maintenance easier. 




Container trucks for sale 

Our Premier Ready CDUs are lightly-used, expertly spec’d and detailed to the highest standards. Campaign and warranty issues are already addressed and FET is paid. Here’s why you should choose Premier Truck Sales & Rental for your next container delivery truck: 

  • Rentals available: We are the only company in the United States that rents container delivery units for quick or temporary jobs.  

  • Largest selection Premier maintains the largest fleet of container delivery units in the nation.  

  • Premium specs: With premium specs, our trucks outlast the competition, making a Premier vehicle an ideal investment for your long-term business goals. 

  • Lifetime service support: At Premier, you’re a customer for life. Our service department provides support after the sale for as long as you own the vehicle.  

  • Factory warranty: All trucks come with the balance of a 5-year extended factory warranty with any and all potential issues addressed before use.  


Our job is to give you quality equipment, meaning our trucks are built as bulletproof as possible. 

All our trucks are ready to work.  

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What are the different types of container trucks? 

Because CDUs are a fairly niche market, there are fewer manufacturers than you may find with other waste management trucks. At Premier, we prefer to stock Palfinger CDU truck bodies and hoists and Kenworth truck chassis. 


Palfinger container trucks 

Palfinger CDU bodies are extremely high quality, strong and reliable. They have over 20 years of experience manufacturing container carrying vehicles, meaning they have an excellent grasp on what makes a great CDU. Palfinger features include: 

  • Inside controls for safe operation.  

  • Continuous 360° rotation in both directions for increased efficiency and convenience. 

  • Twin Lifting Cylinders for added strength and stability when moving containers. 

  • Twin locks on either side of the carrier for safe transport. 


Palfinger CDU bodies are precisely engineered for reliable service and an extended, low-maintenance life, providing an ideal basis for long-lasting CDUs. 


Kenworth container trucks 

Kenworth trucks are tried and true, designed to meet your needs and last for the long haul. These rugged chassis are solid, but still provide aerodynamic styling and great maneuverability. The particular Kenworth we stock for our CDUs is the T270. Features include:  

  • Single point maintenance checks for fast, easy upkeep and minimized downtime 

  • Great visibility  


Shop Our Entire Inventory 

Whether you’re looking for a front loader, roll off, rear loader, or side loader, our team specializes in helping you find the right truck for your needs. We work with you every step of the way, offering a variety of financing options, nationwide delivery and post-purchase service.  


A wide selection of container delivery units is available now. Click here to browse our inventory of READY TO WORK CDUs.  


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